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Ductless Mini-Split Installation in West Chester Township, OH

West Chester Township, OH Ductless Mini-Split Installation

In some West Chester Township homes, certain rooms are extra stuffy and hot. Often, these rooms are newly finished spaces like attics or sunrooms and they aren’t connected to the HVAC system. For a more affordable way to make these rooms comfortable, consider installing a ductless mini-split system.

Hill-Air Heating & Air Conditioning can provide ductless mini-split installation services in West Chester Township, OH. Let us see how your home can best benefit from a ductless system to provide additional comfort and control around your home.

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How Does a Ductless Mini-Split System Work?

Ductless HVAC systems don’t rely on air ducts to transport conditioned air throughout your West Chester Township, OH home’s living areas. Instead, they consist of an outdoor compressor/condenser unit and use one or more indoor air handling units installed on the walls or ceilings. The indoor and outdoor parts of the unit are connected by a conduit that contains the power cable, refrigerant tubing, and condensate drain. The compressor can be either an air conditioner or a heat pump, depending on if you want your ductless mini-split to be able to heat and cool your space or just cool it.

The advantage of a ductless mini-split is that each indoor air handling unit has its own thermostat. This means each zone can be set to meet the occupant’s needs. Fights over the thermostat are a thing of the past when you have ductless mini-splits installed around your home

Benefits of a Ductless Mini-Split System

Homeowners in the West Chester Township, OH area are integrating ductless mini-split systems into their homes because of the many benefits that they can provide, such as:

Reduction in Energy Costs

Ductless mini-split systems are extremely energy efficient for a couple of reasons. For starters, they are eco-friendly because they use refrigerant and electricity to extract warm air from the outside and transfer it indoors during the winter without the need to burn fossil fuels. They work in reverse during the warmer months to cool off designated areas, transferring the heat from the indoors to the outside. A lack of ductwork makes these systems more effective as well. It’s estimated that HVAC systems with ductwork can lose at least 20% of conditioned air through leaks.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Ductwork can be a magnet for contaminants and pollutants to gather such as dirt, dust, allergens, and unwelcome pests like bugs and rodents. These contaminants can eventually find their way into your home’s living areas and negatively affect indoor air quality. With ductless mini-split systems, the air is only circulated through the zone, so there are no contaminants hiding in the ductwork to worry about.

Zoned Heating and Cooling

Since each mini-split system can be controlled separately to create temperature zones, West Chester Township, OH family members can have the convenience of setting the temperature to their liking in their rooms. You can also save money on energy bills by not heating or cooling rooms you aren’t using such as a guest bedroom or attic.

Increase in Comfort

Keeping bonus rooms over garages and sunrooms comfortable can be a challenge, especially when it’s really hot outside. With a ductless mini-split system installed, you can ensure those rooms are comfortable even on the coldest and hottest days of the year.

Common Uses for a Ductless Mini-Split System

Ductless mini-split systems are versatile units with a variety of uses, such as:

  • Heating and cooling entire homes. Each indoor unit is equipped with its own thermostat, so homeowners can create climate-controlled zones throughout their homes for an increase in comfort and energy efficiency.
  • Bonus rooms over garages, sunrooms, and other living spaces of homes that are hard to keep comfortable.
  • Garages, attics, and basements that are being converted to livable or workable spaces, but lack ductwork.
  • Installing a ductless mini-split system in a new home addition is a great solution if you want to save money and time by not having ductwork installed.

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Hill-Air Heating & Air Conditioning has a reputation for providing reliable and trustworthy service to our West Chester Township, OH area customers. If you are interested in installing a ductless mini-split system in your home or property addition, schedule your appointment today with one of our highly qualified technicians.

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